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Graphic Design Team

Black Squid Design believes that one question can have many answers. That is why we have a diverse, collaborative team. Their abilities go beyond graphic design. Explore them.


This is Derek.
Derek is the Big Boss of everyone. So there.
At college, Derek drew some squiggly lines. At the end, they gave Derek a piece of paper with his name on it.
In crayon. Derek likes to visit the Coorong. But he has learned that two Coorongs don’t make a Cooright. Sometimes he paints – sometimes with a brush, too.. Isn’t Derek funny? And more than likely, also quite disturbed.

Derek Butler - Black Squid Design Director


This is James.
He is a boy, like Derek. James drives a Nissan 300ZX but he isn’t a balding middle-aged man who wears white shoes and can’t afford a real sports car. James likes hip-hop music which is like classic pop but without any discernible melody or intelligible lyrics except 'yo, whaddup?', and it's a lot, lot faster.

James - Black Squid Senior Graphic Designer


This is Rowan.
Rowan can say “I is fierce creature! Grrr!" When he grows up he wants to be a tiger. But we think he’s lion. Rowan learned to cook but doesn’t like scallops.
He thinks they are greedy and a little shellfish. Weird he works for a squid now. His favourite sport is rowan.

James - Black Squid Graphic Designer


This is Josh.
Josh wanted to grow up quickly. He did. Josh is freakishly tall and moonlights as a mobile telephone communications tower. Holding a coat-hanger. Josh ponders the unbearable angst of existentialism whilst finger-painting.

Josh - Black Squid Marketing


Lynn is Mrs. Derek. Lynn answers the phone and makes coffee and keeps things tidy. Lynn also does pilates, but not the ones who fly planes. And Lynn stamps her feet and says she is not as old as her black-and-white photo suggests.

Lynn - Black Squid Design Mascot


This is Fish. Fish is the mascot of Black Squid Design. Fish can swim. Fish can eat. Fish can poop. In fact, children, Fish doesn’t really do much of any use what so ever. Fish is a bit of a dead weight. Fortunately, however, Fish is a tax deduction.

Fish - Black Squid Design Mascot