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Signage Design

Signage design is often thought of as interpretive, way-finding or identifying. Black Squid Design think of sign design as shaping a sense of place. Signage creates the built environment, complimenting the engineered environment.

Black Squid Design have experience with different materials and technologies to integrate your brand into a real environment. We use this experience to create a branded environment for audiences to interact and engage. Well designed signage creates an experience to remember.

Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Internal corporate lounge signage constructed using printed Perspex and aluminium sheets with die-cut holes, then backlit.

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  • star-lounge
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Public is a cafe situated within the heart of Adelaide. It was envisaged to be the ‘perfect meeting place’ for friends and family. The logo and branding reflected that quality by using the golden ratio in its formulation. An understated and modern black and white palette has been applied across all branding elements.

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Prime Q

Stephen Ter Horst Chocolatier

Signage created for a chocolate artist, reflecting the fine details and passion that goes into each handmade confectionery.

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Chain of Ponds

The signage created for Chain of Ponds Cellar Door elaborates on the stories that are showcased on the wine labels. Get up close and personal with the characters that formed the hamlet, be enchanted by unusual tales of it’s people and learn of the sad demise of it’s buildings.

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Adelaide Entertainment Centre Carpark

Imagery for the AEC multi level carpark. Graphics are created by varying hole sizes.



'Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.' Floor to ceiling graphics that create interest at one end of the office.



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Murray Bridge Council

Information bays that are located at various entry points around Murray Bridge.

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Zak - Grooming for men signage

After successfully releasing a range of mens hair care products, ZAC launched their first concept store ‘grooming for men’. Referencing the tag system we designed to differentiate the hair care range, exterior and interior signage and a wall feature were created to build upon and strengthen this unique identity.

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Seymour College Centre for Performing Arts signage

Signage for the new Seymour College Centre for Performing Arts was designed specifically to work in harmony with the building architecture. Black Squid worked closely with the architects to ensure the overall vision was maintained.

The vertical exterior sign continues on the underside of the entry as a 3 dimensional, brushed stainless steel typography feature that leads you into the building foyer. The interior signage, featuring brushed aluminium fixed to orange Perspex, was designed to hang from bulkheads and wrap around corners to compliment the building structure whilst still maintaining clear a wayfinding system.

As the Centre for Performing Arts was constructed with major funds coming from donors, recognition of this was incorporated into the signage system through room naming and a feature donor board in the foyer.

Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation

Fun and friendly graphics for the MRI scanner in the Women's & Children's Hospital, to make the machine look a lot less daunting.


Based at the Adelaide Produce Market, wildsalad needed a visual identity that stood out from the rest. The project included naming, logo design, and overall brand identity encompassing stationery, employee uniforms, shop-front signage and forklift vehicle wrap. It's a little bit crazy; a little bit wild.

TM Commercial

Internal wall graphics for a commercial real estate firm, Thompson May - ‘definitely different’

Patch Theatre Company

Bodyhealth Clinic

Drug and Alcohol Service SA