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Print design, whether it be a wine label, annual report or press advertisement, the focus should be on the strategy and design to the audience. Good print design should not only capture attention, but offer dimension.

It should be more than just visual. It should be experienced. Weights should be felt and textures should be touched.


Nicholas Pike

Nicholas Pike has been designing exquisite jewellery for 40 years, and needed a brand refresh.

A sophisticated campaign involving evocative imagery has been created for all his six ranges. The results are striking, just like his jewellery.

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Say Cheese Wholesale

To maintain a more corporate look for the wholesale side of the business, we opted for a simplified bold logo which translated to a diecut business card to add a bit of the Say Cheese quirk.

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O'Halloran Conveyancing

Buying and selling your home is a pretty overwhelming task. O'Halloran Conveyancing will be with you from start to finish, ensuring every step of your project is as effortless as it should be.

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Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing

Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing is based on the philosophy of being one within yourself. This is reflected cleverly in this unique business card.

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Laucke Flour

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Motor Accident Commission Annual Report – Impact

The Motor Accident Commission approached us to create an annual report that reflected the initiatives and accomplishments they had achieved in the last financial year despite the economic down turn. It not only needed to highlight the hard-hitting road safety advertising campaign approach it had undertaken in an effort to reduce serious injuries and road fatalities, but also the scientific research and funding partnerships undertaken.

It was a suitable theme to encapsulate how The Motor Accident Commission initiatives made a huge IMPACT, even when the economy slumped and major investment losses were forecast; in part by instigating cost saving measures through preventative measures and rehabilitation ventures.

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Patch Theatre Company

A range of show posters for Patch Theatre Company with the philosophy revolving around ‘keeping the artist alive in the child’.

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Bone Growth Foundation Annual Report - Fold out

Our challenge was once again to create something unique, yet cost-effective. We pondered on the essence of the Bone Growth Foundation - the growth of limbs - and literally worked this into the annual report. Instead of a traditional annual report format, we pulled out the Singer sewing machine, stitching the pages together to a total length of two metres. This enabled the Bone Growth Foundation's character to be printed down one full side of the report, unmistakably making the point about the organisation's core work.

Pembroke School Prospectus

A fold out cover of happy Pembroke School kids encase this prospectus.

Motor Accident Commission Annual Report – Clifford's Story

The Motor Accident Commission is a leader in the management of motor vehicle bodily injury insurance. Providing compensation and rehabilitation for victims of crashes.

Clifford's Story is an illustrated story of his car accident and subsequent rehabilitation, bringing to life the role of the Motor Accident Commission in an entertaining approach, and encourages a read of the report. Long live Clifford!

Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation - Making the Difference - Annual Report

This annual report captures the essence of a child's imagination, scribbling innocently on an important document which, along with photographs of children within the hospital's wards, represents how even a small donation can make a difference.

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Seymour College Prospectus

Seymour College requested their prospectus reflect the warmth and respect the students and teachers have for one another in their school community. The solution was to heavily feature commissioned photography of college life. The text is printed on translucent paper, interleaved with the images so the heart and soul of the college, its people, always shows through.

The prospectus is delivered in a Black Watch tartan case, made from the same material as the Seymour College uniform, and doubles as pencil case for the students first day of school.

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Bone Growth Foundation Annual Report - Lollipops

As a child, getting a lolly for being brave at the doctor's is always a novelty. However the 213 individual lollipops covering this Annual Report reflects the number of doctor's appointments one child had in a year. A bittersweet recognition of the work the Bone Growth Foundation performs and the need for ongoing public support. The report unfolds to an A1 size poster and is infused with 'lollipop' fragrance for that extra surprise!

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Motor Accident Commission Annual Report – Is This Crazy

Winner of the AADC gold chair. The gold chair is the most coveted in the Awards and only one entry will reach this pinnacle. The most outstanding complete piece, recognised for both originality and excellence.

The theme for the 2004/05 annual report was chosen to reflect how motoring and our attitude toward automotive safety has changed over the years. The Annual Report contains a collection of imagery and articles from a range of old newspapers relating to motoring issues such as accidents and insurance. While at times being humorous the articles and advertisements are a timely reminder of how road safety attitudes have changed!

Patch Theatre Company

Repertoire book to showcase the many shows that Patch Theatre Company offer.

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Black Squid - Cracker Of A Christmas

We thought we'd give our clients a head start on the Christmas cracker jokes. This poster is a collation of those fun, cringe worthy jokes essential on any Christmas dinner table. Our favourite is:
Q: “What's Mary short for?” A: “She's got no legs!”

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AGDA - Risk Poster Series

These posters were collateral for the National Australian Graphic Design Conference themed ‘Risk’. The identity explores the physical manifestation that risk-taking has on the human heart and brain.

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DASSA - Drug Mask Poster Series

This posters series aims to raise awareness of drug use, harm minimisation and overdose prevention without alienating the target audience, the drug users themselves. The masks for each poster were constructed using found wood. Angle grinders, axes and drills were used to create the rough and raw finish and painted with bright colourful expressions. This project is a collaboration of visual communication practices unified in one project: sculpture, illustration, photography, typography and printing techniques to successfully communicate a targeted message.

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Kaplan Business School

Translating the notion of learning by using inserts to both reveal information and provide striking contrast to the heavy type content.

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With the expansion into the competitive international markets, Carman's needed a way to get noticed. This quirky postcard did the trick while reflecting the very personal relationship that Carolyn has with her products.

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AGDA - Dates Poster