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This was Mitolo's first venture from the McLaren Vale region, to create a series of small batch Adelaide Hills wines.

The naming and design for the two varieties, 'of the Earth' and 'of the Wind’ , reflect the climatic and soil conditions that make the Adelaide Hills an ideal region for superb wines. The labels for the hand harvested, unfiltered wines use a crisp black foil geometric pattern of mountains and representative of the Mitolo 'M', overprinting raw, textural relief prints.

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Hunky Dory Wines

A light hearted, entry level range of rosé and white wines.

Pop art inspired, the labels use a halftone pattern with a luxe, contemporary style.
Idioms and hand gestures were used to convey a lighter, more playful personality and connect the varietals to the brands name; reflecting the humour and sarcasm of the phrase "everything is hunky-dory”.

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Needle and Pin

A rural winery in the Riverland wanted to branch into distilled spirits, begining with a flagship gin. Named Needle & Pin — Cockney rhyming slang for Gin reflects the clients English heritage. This label takes an Australian country twist, inspired by the saying ‘needle in a haystack’. The front label artwork is made from hundreds of fine black strokes, one replaced with a small gold foil needle.

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Pikes Beer Co. - Limited Release Beer

Taking inspiration from the freshwater Pike and their two-toned scales, the limited release label range was designed to give an overall refined contemporary feel, with a simple minimalist look to break the mould of the typical craft beer. The labels pattern mimics a textural raised fish scale feel while highlighting one gold scale to symbolise its rarity. On each beer variety the golden scale moves its location.
Printed with a gold scale and a spot gloss high build over the scales adds a tactile feeling and visual interest to the labels.

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