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One Seed

We created a range of intricate paper cut flowers and plants, influenced by the ingredients used and fragrance of the perfumes of One Seed. We combined the paper petals and leaves with natural plant stems and branches to create an amalgam of nature with an artisan approach.
We constructed more than 20 individual plants and then composed these in various sets to reflect various products and categories within the brand. The images were applied across web, social media and printed promotional materials.

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Opulent Moon

Our brief was to design an entry level label that will capture the attention of the Chinese market. During the initial brief the client reminisced on a story. "When I was younger, I had a dream. I was in the schoolyard in China. I was surrounded by lots of cold concrete, I was by myself and I felt very alone. When I awoke from my dream, there was a full moon creating a soft, warm light from its glow. I felt safe.”

Using the story as inspiration we designed the labels for Opulent Moon. A series of three wines that depict the various stages of the moon - full, half and crescent. We printed with glow-in-the-dark ink on the moon graphics, to reflect the clients story so everyone can feel safe from the moons glow.

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Whistle Blower Tea Co

In a saturated market their brand had to stand out as a premium tea for the masses, strongly pronouncing their philosophy of accessibility, honesty and sustainable.

Taking inspiration from whistle blowers and revolutionaries, release of information, codes and redacted documents, we trialled various combinations of missing letters to achieve the most readable, with the brain naturally filling in the gaps in the logo.

The logo had to be clean, bold and open to reflect the brands intentions and philosophy.

The packaging also took a minimalist approach with the strong logo becoming a central feature paired with bold photography showing each individual ingredient in detail. The logo was printed in gloss black foil to contrast the detail of the images and the textured, uncoated and recycled stock.

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