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Pikes Limited Release Beer

The client approached us to design a small batch, limited release beer label for festivals and cellar door. To design a label that was visually and texturally premium, it needed to standout in the Australian craft beer market, and strikingly different from the current Pikes labels.

Taking inspiration from the freshwater Pike and their two-toned scales, the limited release label was designed to give an overall refined contemporary feel, with a simple minimalist look to break the mould of the typical craft beer. Using colours associated with the beer varietal to create an elegant and sophisticated colour palette. The labels pattern mimics a textural raised fish scale feel while highlighting one gold scale to symbolise its rarity.

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Tumbleweed is a Homewares and Collectibles shop located in the Clare Valley, country South Australia - the home of the Tumbleweed. Citing the idea of a tumbleweed rolling along and picking up various items along the way.

With a store full of curiosities and strange collectables, we turned the name into a playful representation of itself. The tumbling letters rolling along invite the customer to tumble on in and discover. Tumbleweed - A little shop of wonders.

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Shut The Gate, Tumbarumba Chardonnay

The existing Shut the Gate brand and wine labels revolve around various indirect gate references. This Tumbarumba Chardonnay is sourced from the high altitude of the snowy mountains, we saw it fitting to continue this direction with a theme of ‘the gates of heaven’. We drew inspiration from illuminated religious manuscripts; rare, aged and highly decorated. A complex gold foil was used, overprinted with black and embossed to reflect this luxurious, aged and textured motif.

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Rio Vista Olives Illustrations

To make the small producer’s brand more distinctive we treated the labels more like a boutique wine, with a strong unique illustrative focus. For these illustrations we created a bold, colourful, vintage aesthetic, bringing together the historical aspects of the family orchards and the uniqueness of the olive blend varieties. Inspired by travel posters of old, texture and playful motifs were woven into the visual language of each Illustration playing off the tasting notes of each variety.

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Say Cheese Wholesale

To maintain a more corporate look for the wholesale side of the business, we opted for a simplified bold logo which translated to a diecut business card to add a bit of the Say Cheese quirk.

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Coconut Alley

This 100% non-dairy, vegan friendly coconut ice cream really packs a punch! It is a premium ice cream that is made with fresh coconut milk, which is different to its competitors.

The logo drew inspiration from the inside of a coconut, with the typograhy and graphics representing the twists and turns of an alleyway - a surprise around every corner.

Coconut Alley - Flavours that will surprise you!

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