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Miscellaneous Design

We didn't know where else to put these.

One Seed

We created a range of intricate paper cut flowers and plants, influenced by the ingredients used and fragrance of the perfumes of One Seed. We combined the paper petals and leaves with natural plant stems and branches to create an amalgam of nature with an artisan approach.
We constructed more than 20 individual plants and then composed these in various sets to reflect various products and categories within the brand. The images were applied across web, social media and printed promotional materials.

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Rio Vista Olives Illustrations

To make the small producer’s brand more distinctive we treated the labels more like a boutique wine, with a strong unique illustrative focus. For these illustrations we created a bold, colourful, vintage aesthetic, bringing together the historical aspects of the family orchards and the uniqueness of the olive blend varieties. Inspired by travel posters of old, texture and playful motifs were woven into the visual language of each Illustration playing off the tasting notes of each variety.

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AV Jennings Photoshoot

You're closer than you think!

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Brauer Manuka Honey Photoshoot

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Bone Growth Foundation - Abracadabra Invite

This invitation was sent out inviting guests to the Bone Growth Foundation fundraising dinner with themed around ‘magic’.

A fun, interactive invitation made from brightly coloured silk scarves pulled from the tube it was delivered in (made from recycled material roll ends). The details magically appear at the end.


Adelaide Entertainment Centre Ad Campaign

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Advertiser Review

Selected by The Advertiser as one of the ‘four leading Adelaide design studios’, Black Squid was asked to design a front cover for the design edition of the ‘Review’ liftout. The brief was to portray our interpretation of Design. We expressed the simplicity, chaos, complexity, boldness and subtlety of design in our solution. It portrays that design is about excellence, with all the variations that it involves; variations that are as complex or simple, and always as individual as the project itself. We believe that good design should communicate more than words.


Patch Theatre Company Photoshoot

I couldn't resist photographing the photographer during the Patch photoshoot.