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Black Squid design logos. Lego design plastic blocks. The one thing logo design and lego block building have in common is that you only get one chance to make an impression. Great logos will never allow an audience to forget about the brand.

Black Squid Design believe that logo’s define brands and should foster immediate audience recognition. Logos are what represent brands or corporate identities. It’s sort of a big deal. For these reasons it is counterproductive to frequently redesign logos. Luckily, Black Squid are productive at designing logos that evolve, timelessly.


Glam Adelaide


Spoilt Bitch

The brief was to come up with a name and logo design for a doggy day care centre located in the upmarket Sydney suburb of Potts Point.

The primary target market is the gay community and wealthy dog owners in this upmarket suburb. Leaving their pride and joy at the doggy day care once or twice a week to play with their friends, go for walks and be treated like royalty. Almost like a holiday.

They say dogs are a man’s best friend. And diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
What do you get when you put them together? A Spoilt Bitch.

The finest doggie day care.




Adelaide Entertainment Centre



As seen on Channel 7's Restaurant Revolution!

  • tv-logo-restaurant
  • design-28st-seven

Laucke Flour



Tumbleweed is a Homewares and Collectibles shop located in the Clare Valley, country South Australia - the home of the Tumbleweed. Citing the idea of a tumbleweed rolling along and picking up various items along the way.

With a store full of curiosities and strange collectables, we turned the name into a playful representation of itself. The tumbling letters rolling along invite the customer to tumble on in and discover. Tumbleweed - A little shop of wonders.

  • tumbleweed-logo-adelaide
  • clare-valley-australia
  • shop-quirky-typography

Whistle Blower Tea Co

Taking inspiration from whistle blowers and revolutionaries, release of information, codes and redacted documents, we trialled various combinations of missing letters to achieve the most readable, with the brain naturally filling in the gaps in the logo.

  • quality-tea-whistle
  • tea-packaging-logo
  • whistle-blower-tea

Know How

Know How is a property and finance company who's philosophy is ‘Anyone can achieve their financial security for retirement through home ownership’.
The reality is, most people don’t have the ‘know how’ to make this reality come true.
The logo uses negative space to link the 2 words.
The two words are not immediately obvious, but revealed on second glance and the two words now have equal importance.


Helpmann Academy

Supporting emerging artists across all creative disciplines.

  • arts-logo-adelaide
  • logo-helpmann-academy


  • arts-logo-adelaide
  • logo-helpmann-academy

Senexus Aged Care



A hairstylist, a naturopath and a doctor walked into a bar developed Omit, an Australian men’s haircare company.

We created a clean, bold logo and packaging solution to reflect their unequivocal philosophy of natural, ethical, chemical free products to treat scalp concerns and style hair.

Omit the bad, leave only the good!

  • men-hair-logo
  • omit-packaging-haircare
  • men-omit-type
  • omit-typographic-logo


Logo and branding for Hibernia cafe.




Games World


Bone Health Foundation

Supporting research into bone growth and musculoskeletal conditions.


The Pinhole Effect

  • pinhole-effect-logo
  • design-logo-glasses

A Little Birdie Told Me


Upstream Health

  • arts-logo-adelaide
  • logo-helpmann-academy

RYO's Noodles


Bentley & Hope


Think 180 Solutions

Logo and identity for an Adelaide business solutions company.


Carnevale Italian Festival


Unfold Yoga + Wellbeing


Kenji Modern Japanese

Logo and identity for contemporary Japanese restaurant in inner city Adelaide.


Allison Hernach Photography


Burnside Cosmetic


Patch Theatre Company

Logo and brand identity for children's theatre company.

Glynde Corner

Logo for the Glynde Corner precinct.

The Dog & Duck Hotel

Logo and brand identity for inner city hotel and nightclub.

Wild Salad

Logo and brand identity for a store in the Adelaide produce market.

The Greedy Goose Restaurant

Logo and brand identity for winning restaurant in Channel 7 'My Restaurant Rules.'

Jack Rabbit Imaging

Logo and brand identity for National signage company and large format digital printing company.

Bodyhealth Clinic

Bud Urban

Urban development logo and brand.

Appletree Children's Health

Logo and brand identity for specialist children's health clinic.

Big Fish