Website & Digital Design

Website and digital technology is always evolving, which is just the way we like it. Changes in web and digital design trends open up new possibilities.

Black Squid Design’s approach to these possibilities is to synchronise beauty and functionality for audience engagement.

Websites, social media pages and news feeds are just the beginning for digital design. Clear navigation, interactivity and the element of surprise should tease the audience into discovering something more.


The Mystery of Lost Buoy Wines

Abandon Ship! The last words the buoy heard be fore he found himself ashore. A dreamer, a wanderer, a cast-away; the Lost Buoy has set sail. Between the wild winds and heady waves, anchored high a top the cliffs of the mysterious ocean, Lost Buoy Wines is born — A flagship winery in the world-renowned McLaren Vale region.

Lost Buoy Wines

Premium fruit. Discovered excellence.

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A Little Birdie Told Me Real EstateLost Buoy Wines

A Little Birdie Told Me… is an innovative real estate company located in Victoria, Australia. The little birdie has the inside scoop on happening events, fun bird facts and of course scopes out the best properties for you! The bottom line is to maximise results for its clients and to have fun.

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Entertainment Calendar

Your source for all things entertainment! From celebrities birthdays, special events, music, sport and film and all things inbetween. See what is on today!

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One Clique

The brief was to come up with a name, logo design and corporate identity that reflected transparency, simplicity and relevancy for the perplexing digital marketing industry. One Clique was created, an Adelaide born company that provides professional digital marketing services worldwide.

Metrics matter to this professional digital marketing company. One Clique required a functional, cross compatible website design that harnessed their corporate identity. The end result: A mobile responsive website with a score over 90 on the Google Speed test. This website is based around user experience and being found on search engines.

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Your own home? You're closer than you think! Digital advertising for affordable homes at St Clair.

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Laucke Flour

Laucke Flour is rich in tradition with a strong history of supplying quality flour to professional and home bakers throughout Australia.

A user friendly website design which showcases the new Laucke Flour branding and identity.

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Burnside Cosmetic & Skin Care Centre

Logo, branding and website for a modesty focused cosmetic centre. Love yourself inside and out!

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The Little Hunter

Social media advertising and branding.

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Bone Health Foundation

Web design for the Bone Health Foundation – supporting research into bone growth and musculoskeletal conditions. This website features an easy to navigate menu. A user friendly web design featuring the Bone Health Foundation corporate identity.

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Website design for Delectaballs – Adelaide’s meatball food truck features the award winning Delectaballs branding in a fun and simple layout.


Adelaide Entertainment Centre

The website design for the Adelaide Entertainment Centre has been designed to feature ever changing content in an easy to navigate layout. The website design features Adelaide Entertainment Centre brand identity and information presented in visuals.

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Carmens TV Commercial

Tell your friends! Real food made with real passion; a motto that has been carried throughout this identity. Hand written type and illustrations are used in this TVC and throughout the Carman’s branding representing ‘handmade’ love that goes into Carman’s products.

Glam Adelaide


Glam Adelaide is Adelaide’s first positive news site. The brief was the create branding for Glam Adelaide’s online platforms including their website and social media pages.

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Bone Health Foundation

Healthy bones for every body DVD