Branding Design

Renowned means ‘famous’. What we are getting at is that Black Squid Design is pretty famous in Australia for its branding and communications design, as well as generating ideas that break convention.



Brauer Baby and Child was the first range to be transitioned to new packaging and has experienced growth in excess of 10% since the refresh.

One comment from a national buyer for a leading customer of Brauer that “this is the best packaging they have seen in pharmacy to date!”

Client comment: the redevelopment of packaging across the entire Brauer portfolio was an epic task. It involved the transition from what consumers told us was out dated, sterile, pharmaceutical looking packaging into a new, fresh approach that had natural cues whilst maintaining efficacy cues to assure consumers that the product would indeed assist their ailments.

Black Squid Design created a strong unified brand, applied across all packaging including new product development. They created a brand that reflects the companies philosophy and appeals to the target market.

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A food truck with BALLS! Literally! Unabashedly fun, quirky and irreverent - its playful, fluid identity reflects its delicious balls!

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Public is a cafe situated within the heart of Adelaide. It was envisaged to be the ‘perfect meeting place’ for friends and family. The logo and branding reflected that quality by using the golden ratio in its formulation. An understated and modern black and white palette has been applied across all branding elements.

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Bone Health Foundation

A corporate identity for a charity that raises funds for research into bone and musculoskeletal condition.

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Laucke Flour

Laucke is rich in tradition with a strong history of supplying quality flour to professional and home bakers throughout Australia.

The brief was to refresh the tired Laucke brand, create a more contemporary brand and target a more niche market - the artisan baker.

Create a logo and a more uniform brand and revitalise all lines of professional and retail packaging to reflect the Laucke philosophy.

Ensure the logo reflects the fact Laucke start with the grain selection - not just flour.

The brand is strong, natural, contemporary, and flexible to adapt across all forms of communication, media, packaging variations and new product development.

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A Little Birdie Told Me

Quirky, fun and tongue-in-cheek were keywords used to describe the Little Birdie’s brand. Being the specialists in rural property with the ‘inside word’, a clever and memorable brand has been developed to make a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.

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Think180 is a SAP based company that integrates business solutions and technology to help their client deliver outstanding outcomes. Black Squid has delivered an intelligent solution that describes the company's integrated process in a bold and graphic brandmark.

The Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Black Squid Design was selected to update the Adelaide Entertainment Centre logo and rebrand the identity to change the public perception of a tired South Australian venue for live entertainment.

The initial phase included an updated to the existing logo, to maintain established consumer recognition. The next step was to create the over-all ‘look’ for the AEC. One of the biggest challenges was to appeal to the broad AEC audience and live entertainment acts that perform there, all with one common theme – Live Entertainment.

The AEC is also a function, wedding and banquet venue for 80 to 1000 guests, so we introduced a photographic style to reflect the live entertainment experience – colourful, vibrant, moving images with tight crops, to tie the brand together.

Design of marketing material, press advertising, website, signage, arena banners, uniforms even the style of food photography are all considered to completed the over-arching identity. We also worked with the AEC to utilise banquet space more effectively. Nine huge rear projection screens where installed, which lower into place to create a more intimate atmosphere and allow event organisers to project any type of footage desired.

Black squid Design is continuing to work with the AEC on marketing material updates and signage for the recent large-scale redevelopment.

Patch Theatre Company

Patch Theatre Company have been producing and performing engaging theatre for young children and their families for many years. We were excited to embark on a re-brand with this internationally renowned company whose philosophy revolves around ‘keeping the artist alive in the child’.

Carman's Fine Foods

Real food made with real passion; a motto that has been carried throughout this identity. Hand written type and illustrations are used to portray the love that goes into creating the products.


A fun and colourful identity for a store that sells stationery for children.

Payneham Road Precinct

Our visual response includes referencing a strong topographical feature of Payneham Road; the dynamic angle coupled with the intersecting nature of roads. A vibrant colour palette reflects the lively and varied industries of community, commerce and arts hub for the road and surrounding areas.

Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation identity

The Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Women's & Children's Hospital, which provides state of the art health care for women and children in Adelaide and South Australia.

Bright, fun, interchangeable identity elements capture the essence of pregnancy, the innocence of children and the love a mother has for her children.

The Centre for Innovation

The Centre for Innovation supports a breadth of South Australian industries, from manufacturing to primary produce, by assisting with progressive business ideas and initiatives. The corporate identity needed to be inclusive of all industries, innovative and flexible.

The branding solution uses a dynamic evolving pattern of triangles, reflecting the CFI's creativity whilst alluding to its network and structure. This project encourages innovation far beyond visual communication. It highlights innovative business practices in all represented sectors in a simple but effective way – using the beautiful art of Origami.

Seymour College

When we asked the principal what is it that makes Seymour so appealing, she responded, “The kids actually enjoy coming to school.” So we said, “Lets ask them what they think”. A week later, a box of 700 unique quotes and insights arrived at the studio; these became the cornerstone of the Seymour brand. Sentiments from reception students “I love pink painting” through to year 12 “A whole lot of girls in tartan, a touch of tradition… and bagpipes” show the appeal the college has for both the student body, and their parents.

Part of the branding collateral includes the college prospectus. Rather than using a traditional folder, we produced a Black Watch tartan case (using the same material as the student uniform) which doubles as a pencil case, ready to take on the first day at Seymour College. As one student said "Starting a new school always means a new pencil case."

TMC Property Advertising – definitely different

Our brief was to design a unique style of corporate property advertising for this small commercial real estate firm. This needed to be distinctly different from the competition; easily noticed; cut through the visual clutter of outdoor signage and advertising, as well as classified press advertising; instantly identified with the firm; and promote and reinforce its culture of innovation and originality.

We achieved this by featuring quirky, old-fashioned black-and-white newspaper photographs coupled with short, attention-seeking headlines for each property on offer. This unique approach immediately captures attention in crowded outdoor and classified newspaper advertising. In addition, its humorous nature serves to amuse and entertain.

The project exceeded TMC’s expectations in surprising ways. "Not only did we have an increase in response rates to press ads and boards outside properties", says TMC principal, Barry Thompson, "but we had unexpected favourable comment elsewhere. One day I received a call from someone on his mobile phone. He said: "Look, I'm not in the market for a property, but I was driving along having a really bad day, saw one of your signs and it made me smile. I just rang to thank you”. Similarly, we did a promotion with a bottle of champagne with the featured property's headline and image as a label, delivered to various target businesses. It turns out that we delivered wine to Methodists who don't drink! Rather than be offended, they told us it was such a brilliantly innovative piece of promotion that they'd definitely use us to sell their property in the future. Best of all, just ask anyone in Melbourne the name of the real estate firm that uses old black and white images and humorous captions on their boards, brochures and press ads, and everyone can name us. And we're one of the smallest commercial real estate agents around!"

Owl & Squirrel - Wills, Estate planning and Wealth Transfer Management Identity

An identity specifically targeting people with trust funds, those needing financial advice through a separation or securing financial security for the future.

With the wisdom of an owl and the accumulative efforts of a squirrel, financial security and personal wealth are virtually assured.

Dog & Duck Hotel

This identity is based on the standoff between a dog and duck. The business card reflects the shape and design of a dog tag and it is fittingly printed on drink coaster board. This theme is then carried through to the signage with a dog tag and collar representing the entry and gaming room and Woof & Quack identifying the house wine range.

Chain Of Ponds

Chain of Ponds winery required a re-launch based upon the history the once thriving township. Research unearthed many colourful stories, places and people that were used through out the brand collateral, including a product brochure, banners and bottle labels.

‘The Ledge’ honours the bravery and tragic death of Arnold Caust, resident of Chain of Ponds, who drowned trying to save a young family at Henley Beach 1906. ‘The Amadeus’ recognises Francis Symonds who was the first minister at Chain of Ponds and who built the first Methodist Church there. ‘Corkscrew Rd’ explains the hardship that the Chain of Ponds locals endured to create road access through to Adelaide.

Jack Rabbit Imaging

Friendly, quick and just a little bit irreverent: Jack Rabbit can print on just about anything, even himself!

ProPainting Solutions

A fresh and fun approach poking fun at the often strange paint colour names used these days. We enjoyed adding some new ones to the list.

The Greedy Goose Restaurant

The Greedy Goose Restaurant was an entry in the television series “My Restaurant Rules”. The brief was to design an identity revolving around two geese in the property behind the restaurant that would appeal to TV audiences and judges alike.

The Greedy Goose is a quirky, cute goose that loves gourmet everything! Imagery within the goose's stomach changes on various applications keeping the customers guessing. The Greedy Goose identity includes painted interpretations of geese and appears on a ranges of items from t-shirts and tea towels through to produce labels. It is an identity with an ever-changing element of surprise. And most importantly, an element of fun.